Social Media Lead Generation For Business: Can It Work?

Social media has been growing in popularity over the years and is still going strong gaining a good amount of attention from different outlets. This is the reason why almost everyone is familiar on what social media is along with the websites that revolved around them. Social media has also received its fair share of changes introducing new innovations to its users along the way. One of them can be found through advertising where companies and business owners giving them the opportunity to market their brand in social media. With that being said, can social media for business work?

Social Media Lead Generation For Business: Can It Work?

Setting up your very own a social media page for your business does not instantly guarantee success. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered in order to capture the interest of your target audience. This is especially true for those who have just recently started their business and needs all the attention they can get. In order to find success, you will need to utilize lead generation which helps direct your followers to where you want them to go. This requires people to put extra effort and work with their social media profiles.

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A huge number of business owners, were able to maximize the effectiveness of social media by utilizing the power of lead generation. One of the most important factor is to keep your followers engaged providing them content that is relevant to their interest. For instance, a Wine page in Facebook is able to keep the attention of their fans by posting videos that are closely related with their brand. This in turn helps leave a lasting impression and can remind their fans to drop by their area for a visit. Another good example can be seen with this dental clinic’s social media profile which keeps their followers posted with timely and relevant news about our teeth.

Facebook is not the only place companies can get leads from their target audience. Instagram and Twitter has also been a good place to find people of similar interest. Both of these social media websites have a search feature which helps online users find photos or tweets that are relevant to their needs. Instagram profiles such as Sydney Cafes and NTP Health are getting the right idea of integrating hashtags with each and every one of their post. For instance, including the hashtag #sydney will help refine your lead generation. This also increases the likelihood of you finding potential customers close to your area. Bondi Chai, a café in Australia also applies the same method of generating leads with their Instagram account and you can see that it is working as intended as they have a fair amount of followers. They also interact with their followers by replying to their message which also helps keep them appreciated and engaged.

To answer the question earlier, social media lead generation for business does indeed work and many have benefitted greatly from it. However, careful planning and consideration also plays an integral role in helping you find success. Working hand in hand with a lead generation companies today will make your job much easier as they are able to share their knowledge and insights on how to effective run and manage your social media pages. Find these companies today!

Office Intranet Lead Generation

It is the Information Age; I am reliably told. Communication is what we are all about these days; we spend every waking minute communicating with one another. The platforms may vary, with mobile phones, computers, social media and all the other various means and manner of staying connected. We are herd animals really, we like to follow the leader and do what others are doing. We feel safer and more secure when our activities mirror those of our neighbours and peers. Many of us work together in large office buildings, and the desks have got smaller and the partitions almost non-existent.  We like to congregate together around the coffee machine, or the water cooler in summer, and we love to share gossip and inconsequential chatter.

Office Intranet Lead Generation

Despite the fact that we are housed and desked quite closely together, we need a digital means of communicating what we are doing and how it relates to each other. The office intranet is this means of connectivity between workers; and it allows detailed flows of interactive information to occur. Office intranet can lead to much greater productivity and work efficiencies between individuals. So, who sells office Intranet software? How can companies who make and sell office intranet software find their market?

The obvious answer is through the digital sphere, and in particular through office intranet lead generation websites. When company managers and chief information officers are searching for competitive advantages for their corporations, they like everybody else uses the Internet. SEO’d top ranking sites for the relevant keyword searches in this field will attract the attention of these important people. These sites will generate real leads that can be followed up by the appropriate client sales managers. What is a golden lead really worth, when you are talking about office intranet licenses for large corporations?

Microsoft Sharepoint is one prime example of this kind of cutting edge technology and software. The importance of office intranet procedures cannot be overestimated in today’s competitive corporate world. Communication is everything and having the right technological framework is essential to success in the marketplace. Office intranet lead generation is the most cost effective way of marketing this technology to the companies that need it. Let the SEO experts create and rank the site that can direct leads to the companies that make and sell this technology. It is all about specialisation and outsourcing to achieve the very best outcomes.

Online Gambling Lead Generation

We live in an age of corporate bookmakers, companies that exist to encourage you to gamble on anything. These large well-funded corporate entities are advertising their products, if you can really call them products that is, on television, radio and, most explicitly, online. Is it a sign, that we as a society have reached a point of pointlessness, that our wealthy sons and daughters are reduced to gambling on possible outcomes to needless situations? Sport is not an integral pursuit for our survival. Horseracing is an anachronistic anomaly, as is human athletic competition like the Olympics.

Online Gambling Lead Generation

It is all about recreation really, filling in the downtime in an increasingly comfortable and computerised world. Online gambling provides a vicarious thrill at the expense of possibly losing or winning money. Statistically it has been proven that gamblers lose more than they win. Casinos design games that ensure that the punters lose to the house. Bookmaking involves mathematical equations, which guarantee that the bookmaker wins whatever the result. The bookmaker may win more or less, but never ends up on the negative side of the ledger. Despite the widespread knowledge about the poor chances of long term returns through gambling, people continue to gamble. Similarly, some people still smoke cigarettes, despite the likely health outcome.

So, the corporate bookmaker knows it has a market of losers out there, but how does it attract those losses to its particular brand? Online gambling lead generation sites are the most cost effective solution. Websites don’t cost a lot to maintain in comparison to advertising on TV and radio. A properly SEO’d website, ranking at the top of the relevant keyword searches, will funnel leads directly to the bookmaker’s sign-up page. To view a successful free bets website, click here and notice the bookmakers who they’re connected with.

Horse race betting remains popular with men in nations around the globe. Called ‘the sport of kings’ it attracts the very wealthy, the politically powerful and millions of mug punters to fund the entire industry. Online gambling lead generation is the future for digital marketing in this sphere. It makes sound economic sense to have the experts creating and ranking great lead generation sites for corporate bookmakers. The bookies have the money to pay for these leads, because once they have their fangs into the punter, who quite possibly may develop a gambling problem, his losses are their profit.

Fashion and Furniture Lead Generation

In the days before the advent of the Internet, fashion and furniture interest was decreed by trend setters, who were often employed by newspapers and magazines to create editorial around which advertising could be sold. The innocent reader would assume the impartiality of the ‘so-called’ expert writing for the publication. In this way, interest in fashion and furniture products was generated, which would hopefully lead to sales. Industry stars were created, as top designers were celebrated by this niche media, and the value of their products went up accordingly. Some of these designers were truly talented and deserved of their elite status within the industry, but was it always kosher?

Fashion and Furniture Lead Generation

Newspapers and magazines are rapidly dying; and their influence in the fashion and furniture design industries are shrinking concomitantly. Social media is to a large extent replacing this PR fed editorial; and there are fashion bloggers behaving appallingly to popular acclaim in this space as well. Vapid women wanting some sort of celebrity based on the clothes they wear; human beings can be such a tragedy. Good design, however, especially as it relates to functional furniture is often imbued with intelligence and, yes, beauty. The means by which these top designs find their way out to the broader public is via the digital realm today.

Fashion and furniture lead generation is the future of effective marketing in these spheres. Websites are as visual as they are copy rich. A picture tells a thousand stories or some such nonsense, but it is actually true. Seeing is believing when it comes to furniture and fashion. Turn to the left, fashion. Turn to the right, fashion. Fantastic websites are inspiring their viewers to go out and purchase the products displayed there. To see a top sales funnel website of a furniture store in Sydney click here and indeed it’s entertainment units they move a lot of. Sydney furniture stores are latching onto this new way of marketing. SEO remains absolutely vital in this new scenario. Online searches are conducted via keyword searches, whether for particular styles, categories, designers, materials and the like.

These new fashion and furniture lead generation sites are getting audiences to sit up and pay attention; and directing leads to those retailers selling the products. Make a splash in the market by letting the digital marketing experts create and rank superb websites in the fashion and furniture spaces. Rent or pay per lead for this flow of leads and sell more and more product. Have your portal the top ranking site for the relevant keyword searches and reap the rewards. Sales are generated by leads and enquiries, are you getting enough?

Men’s Health Lead Generation

It always strikes some people as a bit of a surprise, but there is a lot of money in health, and those who are servicing that demand for better health are making quite a lot of money. I suppose it is because when most of us think about health, we invariably think about the state of our own health or the health of our loved ones. We see that area of our lives as an essential and do not focus on it as a potential money making market. Your doctor knows that health is a money making industry. Your local pharmacist also knows. There are layers of business surrounding the health industry.

Men’s Health Lead Generation

Men’s health has traditionally been a sorely neglected arm of the health industry. Men have, in the past, avoided doctors like the plague and cried off from any such attention. Which is why men die far more often and much earlier than women in our communities. Things are changing on this score, however, and health practitioners and industry players are focusing more and more on men’s health. There is money to be made, you see, and big campaigns about prostate cancer, for example, are evidence of this push.

Men’s health lead generation in the digital sphere is just taking off in this country. Websites designed to attract men or their women, and to warn them and inform them about specific dangers and health solutions are beginning to pop up on the Internet. Vasectomy clinics are something that many wives are interested in getting their husbands to go along to for the snip. It is a health market that can be fed through men’s health lead generation websites. Powerfully SEOd sites that top their ranking for the targeted keyword searches like sterilisation and contraceptive free sex.

Rural health clinics are another new player in the men’s health lead generation market, as they combat depression and alcohol addiction within the male population living in regional Australia. Men’s health is a new pot of gold for the health industry to service and be rewarded for. Treating dysfunctional males in this country could be seen as a very deep vein of desirable income to be mined for a very long time by the health industry. Drug companies, alternative medicines, healthcare practitioners and all the associated bit players involved in the industry. Men’s health lead generation is a smart marketing move by those who wish to service this rich vein and be well rewarded.

Financial Industry Lead Generation

The digital revolution has helped so many businesses reach their potential markets for far less money than they used to. Suddenly, every home, every business and every phone is a portal to detailed information about that business and its products. The financial industry in particular has benefitted from this new reality. The people who need credit are online searching for the best deals for their set of circumstances. A finance company with the most accessible, search engine optimised (SEO) website will reap the rewards from reaching these customers first. Financial industry lead generation websites are paving a river of gold to the door of these savvy lending institutions.

Financial Industry Lead Generation

A good website is an information source for those seeking that information, if they can find it through their keyword searches. A top ranking website on Google is like a star salesperson who is constantly available 24/7. The clicks and hits never stop, no matter what time day or night. The investment in a lead generation website, whether renting or paying per lead, is miniscule in comparison to the returns available. Financial products are money makers for these lenders and the more customers they can generate the more profit they make.

The demand for no credit check short term loans is unceasing and increasing exponentially all the time. The industry players who can reach these rivers of gold will grow and grow to become major lenders in a competitive market. The major banks may have the home loan market currently sown up, but short term credit is another matter entirely. New lenders are entering the market every day; and financial industry lead generation is the future of digital marketing in this part of the industry.

Conveyancers are also beginning to take advantage of lead generation websites to capture more of that lucrative trade for their particular firm or business. Letting the SEO experts do what they do best, create and rank top performing websites for targeted keyword searches, and then renting the site or paying per lead is smart business. Why waste large amounts of money learning to compete in the digital sphere when you can outsource this lead generation to those already with the expertise. It is like being able to turn a tap on that feeds leads directly to your door. All you have to do is make sure that you are ready to turn these leads into real business. Focus on that part of the equation and you are guaranteed to succeed.

Lead Generation Via Social Media: Does It Work Or Is It A Fail?

Is it possible to use social media as a lead acquisition tactic?

We probably all know how huge social media is by now. It’s an incredible platform to communicate and engage with old and current customers. But can it also attract new customers? Will it help bring in qualified prospects for your business?

Social networks clearly have a strong social impact. Market leader Facebook has more than a billion monthly active users. Photo-sharing site Instagram has more than 400 million whilst micro-blogging site Twitter has more than 300 million. In fact, there are millions of Facebook, Instagram and corporate Twitter profiles existing today. Businesses use social media platforms to draw the attention and interest of their audience and possible customers.

Social Media and Lead Generation

Social media is a great way to generate great qualified leads into your sales funnel. By promoting your social presence which showcases your expertise through photos and videos of your company, your products or services and then adding social links which connects to your site. By doing so, you can capture your prospect’s interest, turning them into possible clients.

The most popular social networks also offer a paid advertising facility or social ads so that you can reach your target market and generate leads.

Businesses are utilising multiple social media channels to find more quality leads because it is the best place to locate their target audience and convert them into new sales leads.

Lead generation via social media may be questionable to others. Social media is mainly used for brand and relationship building, and not a lot of people think it can be used to generate new leads, but it can. Here’s the thing. When social media is used correctly, it can be a very effective channel to generate leads and other business opportunities.

Cleaning Services Sydney Lead Generation

Hi Deb,

Hope you enjoyed Minions the other day!

Getting back to you regarding & some options that may be possible for you.

Option 1: High Energy Approach
Cost: $880 inc gst per month
– we spend $440 per month on Google Adwords on your behalf so that in the 1-12-month phase – before organic rankings kick in – you get enquiries
– the other $440 goes onto the following:
– 1 post per week, alternating between onsite posts & offsite posts
– onsite posts help boost the site’s Domain Authority (DA)
– offsite posts on our 60+ quality websites boost this site’s Trust Flow (TF)
– this $440 site development as it’s invested in a “rental lead generation site” gives the same value that we charge SEO clients $1320 inc gst per month for

Option 2: Mid Range Approach
Cost: $660 inc gst per month
– we spend $330 per month on Google Adwords on your behalf so that in the 1-12-month phase – before organic rankings kick in – you get enquiries
– the other $330 goes onto the following:
– 3 posts per month, alternating between onsite posts & offsite posts
– onsite posts help boost the site’s Domain Authority (DA)
– offsite posts on our 60+ quality websites boost this site’s Trust Flow (TF)
– this $330 as it’s on this rental lead generation site gives the same value that we charge SEO clients $880 inc gst per month for

Option 3: Budget Approach
Cost: $440 inc gst per month
– we spend $220 per month on Google Adwords on your behalf so that in the 1-12-month phase – before organic rankings kick in – you get enquiries
– the other $220 goes onto the following:
– 2 posts per month, alternating between onsite posts & offsite posts
– onsite posts help boost the site’s Domain Authority (DA)
– offsite posts on our 60+ quality websites boost this site’s Trust Flow (TF)
– this $220 as it’s on this rental lead generation site gives the same value that we charge SEO clients $550 inc gst per month for

Option 4: Pure Organic Approach
Cost: anywhere from $440 to $880
– no spend on adwords
– the funds are purely used on organic ranking development only.
– reduced expectation around short-term outcome but all funds are pushed towards organic – nothing is lost as far as giving money to Google.

Ultimate Outcome

Realistic expectations are that around the 8-12 month mark, the site’s organic rankings will start to bear fruit.

It can be as long as 12 months, but we’re as committed as funds allow – we invest your funds in activity.

Our ultimate goal, like you, is to see the site generating thousands of dollars of leads per month for you.

Once the value gets above $4000 per month in clientele harvested from we shift the agreement to a straight 10% commission on leads from this site.

Eg if your clientele from are worth $10,000 per month to you, then you pay us $1000 per month.

If your clientele are worth $20,000 per month to you, then you pay us $2000 per month.

If your clientele are worth $50,000 per month to you, then you pay us $5000 per month.

As you hopefully appreciate, our goal is to help you make as much revenue as possible from this website, because it’s in our interests to make more of the commission.

Due to the trackable nature of emails and phone numbers, we’ll both always have a clear idea of the level of enquiries.

I downplay the first 12 months ROI as much as possible because if done right, this website will eventually rank very well – we need to focus on doing SEO properly to create this outcome.

Hopefully there may be something of interest in the above.

Terms & Conditions:

1. As with all clients, payment is via credit card processed on the first of each month for the month’s work ahead.
2. You can cancel at any time – hopefully though you understand, upon entering into this agreement, cancelling would never be in your long-term interests (unless you decided to pursue a different life path).

Hopefully the above gives you enough to go on for now.

Thanks & talk soon,

: Stewart

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Other sites we have on the go: now on Page 1 for “compensation lawyers” at #1 for “social media management” #1 for “social media workshops” started 4 months ago, currently rented out & at #18 for “auditory processing disorder” started 4 months ago, currently rented, not yet ranking for “smsf” but some positive rankings coming. #1 for “sharepoint sydney” #2 for “waste management sydney”

Lead Generation for Osteopaths

Lead Generation for Osteopaths

Marketing dynamics for osteopaths have taken a new dimension. Today, almost every professional is aware that an inbound website constitutes the hub for all their core marketing efforts, including lead generation for Osteopaths.

To get to such a point, you’ll definitely need to do a lot. But if you seem stuck and sort of clueless on where to begin from, check out

As an Osteopath, you would definitely love to rank high up on the search engines, have widespread presence on social media, top your competitors, and above all have a constant stream of clients going after your services. Well, here’s why you need the above-mentioned website in order to achieve that.


The professionally designed look of the website is exactly what exemplifies the Osteopath profession. We all know how endless pages of texts suck, and that’s why the site boasts nice graphics in order to keep the visitor glued and attracted.

In addition, the side navigation menu is one that’s extremely easy to not only understand, but use as well.

Overall, the design and layout is simply captivating and capable of generating tons of leads.

Smart content

The content on the site is well researched and uncovers problems and questions every one of prospective client faces when they look for osteopathic clinic in Sydney. It’s based on their interests, preferences and the current stage in regard to their condition.

Since the content is relevant, it will attract more prospects and build your reputation.
Presence of social proof

Website visitors will always be curious to identify whether you are legit, trusted and reliable.

On the left side of the website, you’ll notice a badge indicating membership to the Australian osteopathic association. The badge adds validation to your profession since it represents a trusted and reliable reference should one be interested to find out more about you.

Referral content

Earlier on, I had mentioned to you the potential of smart content. When you actually create informative, helpful and captivating content, people will be attracted to it.

Well, I can proudly say that about the site. But that’s not all. Other websites and different platforms online might as well link to it, which is something that’s already taking place with the site.

What that basically implies is that there’ll be more and more traffic coming to the site from the links.

Search engine optimization

Now, this is a technical aspect that the websites prides in. Get to the search engines and notice how easy it is to find the website.

Apart from keyword optimization, you’ll notice that the meta descriptions have been optimized, as well as the page titles.

Keyword is one of the main techniques that will bring the site to the top of Google war. You can see on the site that it has different orientation of keywords e.g.

Osteopath Sydney
Osteopath treatment
Osteopathic clinic

Overall, a lot of skill and effort has been invested in ensuring the site tops the search engine results and has an increased visibility of the web.

Bottom line

Lead generation for Osteopaths has been quoted by experts as the key to success in that profession. represents the modern tools every Osteopath needs to have. To stand out online, this is the exact website you need. Watch your business grow by leasing it today.

Lead Generation in the Natural Health Industry

Lead Generation in the Natural Health Industry

Over the past decade, the natural health industry has experienced exponential growth as more people continue to search for alternatives and natural treatments to assist them fight diseases and achieve well-being. This alone is a clear indication that the industry is poised to become the next trillion dollar industry. So how does one capitalize on this?

Well, the good news is that you can now lease a website that already commands not only a huge web presence, but also a top spot on the search engines.

There’s no need to spend time and resources on expensive, complicated and ineffective SEO when is an example of a good customized, designed and ready to use for unlimited qualified leads. Lets see the review below.

Landing page

You will quickly notice that the headline is extremely clear on exactly what the website is all about.

Not forgetting to mention the overall interface. The sliding images are of high resolution and well optimised (notice the medical perspective they bring to the site) to fit the website’s core function.

The content is also informative and well organised with the lists bulleted in order to make it highly readable and captivating. All these make for a super-amazing landing page perfect for natural health related organisation.

Design and look

First impression really matters. A unique blend of colors, overall layout and navigation is exactly what keeps a visitor glued to your site.

That and so much more define design and look of auditory processing site. Moreover, the color is simply captivating.

The navigation menu has also been well designed in order of priority with the most relevant links coming first.

Blog posts

Your audience is definitely looking for information that’s both relevant to your field and helpful to them as well. All the articles in the site have been aligned with key phrases.

In addition, they are so useful that few who’ve visited the website were more than glad to find such great content for free.

Remember it all starts with a search and so soon as they land on the page and thereafter try to get helpful advice through the various platforms we have integrated into the website, that will be a great step towards the lead generation process.

Backlinks, internal links and external links

Apart from the internal links that connect pages within the website i.e the service pages, the ‘about us’ page, and other case studies, the site also has premium backlinks from other renowned websites closely related to the field of health, law and internet marketing in general.

Remember that everytime someone hyperlinks to the site, you’ll have the chance to get a little bit a lot more link juice. Moreover, the far more hyperlinks your pages acquires, the larger the material content rank can rank independently.

Overall, this type of links increase the links to a website which is something the site takes great pride in.

Keyword optimization

The keywords, as well as the domain, for the website are based on the local and global search rankings that dominate the entire natural health industry.

In addition to the domain authority, the heading and titles, for instance, contain keywords specific to the natural health industry all with a key goal of topping the search engine rankings and delivering qualified leads.

Lists of keywords and search volumes around the term auditory processing disorder

auditory processing disorder 2900
central auditory processing disorder 390
auditory processing 260
learning disabilities 720
learning difficulties 590
capd 590
hearing loss 720
attention deficit disorder 2400
speech therapy 1300

Final thoughts

The website can simply be described as a premier lead generation health site that ranks high on google and is bound to avail you great sales. Soon as you hire experts to manage it or leave it to an excellent ICT management team, there’ll be more opportunities for you to experience far greater sales and performance.