Lead Generation Via Social Media: Does It Work Or Is It A Fail?

Lead Generation Social Media

Is it possible to use social media as a lead acquisition tactic?

We probably all know how huge social media is by now. It’s an incredible platform to communicate and engage with old and current customers. But can it also attract new customers? Will it help bring in qualified prospects for your business?

Social networks clearly have a strong social impact. Market leader Facebook has more than a billion monthly active users. Photo-sharing site Instagram has more than 400 million whilst micro-blogging site Twitter has more than 300 million. In fact, there are millions of Facebook, Instagram and corporate Twitter profiles existing today. Businesses use social media platforms to draw the attention and interest of their audience and possible customers.

Social Media and Lead Generation

Social media is a great way to generate great qualified leads into your sales funnel. By promoting your social presence which showcases your expertise through photos and videos of your company, your products or services and then adding social links which connects to your site. By doing so, you can capture your prospect’s interest, turning them into possible clients.

The most popular social networks also offer a paid advertising facility or social ads so that you can reach your target market and generate leads.

Businesses are utilising multiple social media channels to find more quality leads because it is the best place to locate their target audience and convert them into new sales leads.

Lead generation via social media may be questionable to others. Social media is mainly used for brand and relationship building, and not a lot of people think it can be used to generate new leads, but it can. Here’s the thing. When social media is used correctly, it can be a very effective channel to generate leads and other business opportunities.

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